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Should we be concerned about rumours of potential Chinese involvement with HS2?

"If HS2 is going ahead, taxpayers should relish the opportunity for it to be built at a lower cost by Chinese providers.

Unlike the controversy surrounding Huawei managing the UK’s 5G network, building a high-speed rail network does not hold the possibility for China to access any sensitive information.

A recent government review has found that HS2 could cost upwards of £106bn, which means each kilometre of track would cost the UK taxpayer a whopping £199m. By international standards, this figure is gargantuan. Look to France as an example: for their eight previous high-speed rail projects, each kilometre of track averages just £12.3m, which equates to 16 times less than the projected costs of HS2.

If the government’s preliminary discussions with the China Railway Construction Corporation do result in Chinese contractors building HS2 at a lower cost and in a faster time than is currently forecast, the British taxpayers should breathe a sigh of relief that no more of their money will be wasted on this bloated government project."

To read the full article in CityAM, click here.

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